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We rent space for band practice. Phone 352-1974 for details.


In the storage business the contents of a foreclosed unit are auctioned off when a tenant fails to pay rent. Occasionally a unit contains nothing of value as we experienced recently. This unit contained a partial pool table, an unusual buffet table with parts missing, a broken metal desk and a vintage 1903 upright piano painted green sans wheels.

The regal piano with its ornate exterior and strong, melodious sound won my heart. If I did not already own a piano, it would be gracing my living room.

Not knowing the value (if any) of the piano, I contacted a piano technician who gave me a quick 2 minute appraisal. The first words out of his mouth were, "I don't even consider (buying) a piano that has been painted." He ascertained that this piano had been worked on at one time and, with a good tune-up, still had some life left in it. He suggested I place an ad on Craigs list for $200 OBO. I did and but not receive even one inquiry.

Our good friend Phil offered to take it. I assumed that he would dismantle it, making a bit of cash off its scrap value.

But no, a man after my own heart who allows sentimentality to govern his actions, he left the piano in the back of his truck, parked in his driveway, with a large sign saying, "Free to a good home".

And this is where the story gets good.

A sheriff drove by, read the sign, and stopped to inquire about the particulars. He excitedly phoned his good friend who just so happens to be the music teacher at Rochester High School which just so happens to need a piano. Soon the music teacher arrived on scene and began playing the piano in the back of Phil's truck. Before long, Phil and the piano are heading to the high school followed by the sheriff and music teacher.

This lovely, 100 + year old piano will continue sharing its lovely tones for years to come.


Capitol City Storage has partnered with UHaul and now offers a 19' cargo van for rent. 

With inside dimensions of 9'2" x 5'7 1/2" x 4'5" (LxWxH), a back door opening of 4'6" x 4'1" (WxH), automatic transmission, air conditioned, gentle-ride suspension, tie downs and rub rails, this van is a fuel efficient way to move belongings across town. Did I mention that it can transport more than 3,500 lbs?! 

Reserve the van today by phoning our office at 360)352-1974 or online at  (Be sure to select our location as your pick up and drop-off location.) 


The Little Red Schoolhouse organization has helped thousands of school children in our community each year.  You will find a picture of one of our storage units crammed with bags of gently used clothing, ready for distribution to needy children.  Capitol City Storage has provided storage for this charity for many years.  Click HERE to view their website. 


Do you wonder just how full one can stuff a storage unit?


The folks at StorageMart decided to answer this question when they filled a 5x5 storage unit  with Thanksgiving turkey dinner items that were later donated to the Food Bank of Central and Northeast Missouri.


Here is a list of what StorageMart was able to cram into the small space:


192 cans of Del Monte corn

120 cans of Ocean Spray cranberry sauce

24 family-sized boxes of Minute rice

384 bottles of Nestle Pure Life water 

14 family sized boxes of Betty Crocker sweet potato casserole

63 pounds of russet potatoes

216 bags of Pepperidge Farm stuffing mix

192 cans of Swanson chicken broth


That’s 1,500 pounds of food and water into a 5x5 storage space!

I invite you to fill up a storage space at Capitol City Storage, Olympia!

  • Accidents happen. It's good to have insurance coverage.
  • Should there be a break-in at a storage facility or, worse yet, a natural diasaster that causes damage to units, said facility's insurance will not cover the contents of a tenant's unit.
  • Should tenant have a homeowner or renter's policy, it's very important to check with one's insurance agent to ensure one's possessions are covered when being stored. Many such policies offer coverage for only 30 days.
  • Most facilities offer a storage insurance policy which tenants can purchase to cover costs associated with loss of unit content. Please consult with the manager of your facility for details.

  • Storage Wars is one of the newer 'reality' TV shows.  Are we surprised that it distorts reality?!
  • The show involves individuals in Newport Beach, CA who purchase the contents of storage units that have been foreclosed upon due to non-payment of rent. These individuals, in turn, re-sell the contents of the units, hoping to make a profit.
  • Although Storage Wars has educated the public about the consequences of not paying rent at a storage facility, it distorts the definition of reality as it pertains to the storage industry. Could there be a hidden treasure in a storage unit?  Absolutely!  However, during my fifteen years of managing my storage facility, I can count on perhaps 3 fingers the number of foreclosed units that contained what I consider 'quality' belongings. Tenants who store valuables pay their storage rent! The opposite of these quality units, what I call crap units, are more the norm.
  • Storage wars also fails to adequately show the amount of work involved in purchasing a foreclosed unit. Once a unit sells, the buyer is expected to completely empty the unit within 24 to 48 hours. If it is a large 10x20 unit, stuffed to the rafters, emptying it out requires time, strength and expense. Will the purchaser have to rent a truck to haul the contents to his home? Where will he place/store the contents of the purchased unit? How will he re-sell the contents? Is he prepared for the time and expense of multiple trips to the dump and/or a donation facility to rid himself of unsellable items?
  • Acquiring the contents of a good storage unit is much like winning the lotto. The odds are not in your favor! Be sure to consider all aspects of the experience before deciding that this is your path to fortune.


Before tossing your possession, willy-nilly, into a storage unit, consider these tips:

  • Most storage units have a concrete floor. Since concrete is porous, do not store your furniture and boxes directly on the concrete. Store items on a dry pallet or pieces of scrap lumber.
  • Place frequently used items near the front of the unit and valuable items in the rear, hidden from the eyes of curious by-passers.
  • Protect your furniture with fabric or plastic drop cloths and wax wood prior to storing it.
  • Store sofas on end to save space. Also, first vaccum under sofa cushions to ensure no popcorn kernals or crumbs of tasty food are present to keep the mice away!
  • Completely fill all boxes and seal with professional packing tape. Stack lighter boxes on top of heavier boxes so the boxes retain their integrity. Do not store heavy boxes or items where they could shift or collapse.
  • Utilize dresser drawers and shelves as packing space.
  • Wrap and protect mattresses and box springs, elevating them off the floor with a wood pallet or scrap lumber.
  • Use a strong lock on your unit door.
  • Do not assume your homeowner or renters insurance policy covers your belongings while in storage. Always contact your agent to ensure you have coverage.
  • Take plenty of deep, cleansing breaths while packing and moving!



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